Was Constantine Hitler’s Role Model?

It is likely that Adolf Hitler modelled himself on Emperor Claudius Constantine because his behavior, symbolism and violence echo certain aspects of the reign of the Roman Leader. The use of the title the Third Reich is based on the idea of the third German Empire, the first of which was the Holy Roman Empire of Germany 962-1806. It was dissolved by the Napoleonic wars. The second lasted from 1871 until the end of World War 1. The third started in 1933 and went until the end of World War II.

Constantine was ambitious, capable, charismatic and powerful with a strong army supporting him. He rode over the bodies of his enemies to sole rule and then established the Roman Catholic Church to increase his power over the people of his territories. He used trickery, lies and the Roman hatred of the Jews to propel himself higher than any other general before him. He used the church he established as a parliament to oversee the individual provinces. They included different languages, cultures and thousands of dialects that made government of them difficult.

With the Vatican as its head and Constantine in control of it the priests were instructed to force the worship of the religion and of the image he placed in it as the Savior. They had the power to kill anyone who refused and edicts survive issued in his name of this action. He is described in Revelation 13:13-18 as the second beast who invented Jesus Christ.

Hitler did not build a religion but he used the same tactics. Constantine claimed to have been given the sign of the cross as a powerful symbol to defeat his enemies. Hitler also used the cross in keeping with this belief. His men wore the right-angled cross beneath their chins while the swastika was another version that flew over his country. The Christian cross also adorned his weapons of war, such as his aircraft and ships in the same way that it had been used by Roman soldiers.

The Roman hatred of Jews is well documented and the New Testament blames them for the execution of the so-called Son of God. Hitler turned on them also and millions died in horrendous ways at his hands. While the New Testament was written at the end of the 4th CAC (after Caesar) and after Constantine, it is strongly anti-Semitic in its contents.

Whether or not Hitler chose to follow in the footsteps of the beast of Revelation is academic because the two men were similar in desire and character while their actions tally. If that is the case then to understand the nature of Constantine and of his religion then we need look only at the modern records of the German leader and the Second World War.

Source by Norma Holt



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