Stranded? Here Are 8 Ways To Make Money During The Holidays

Stranded? Here Are 8 Ways To Make Money During The Holidays

Are you already stranded or spending more than budgeted? It’s expected. Holidays is a very expensive time of year. And if you haven’t budgeted for it, those costs will eat into your usual monthly expenses or add to debt. What should you do? There are plenty of legitimate moneymaking opportunities for you to capitalize on at your convenience as 2016 winds down. Some are simply good for quick cash, while others could turn into consistent streams of income after the holidays

1. Dispose Off Unwanted Gadgets: If you are looking forward to changing or upgrade your tech gadgets next year, you can sell smart phones, tablets, laptops and video games you are no longer using for cash.You can easily cash in on your unwanted electronics — even damaged items — by selling them online, or in person.

2. You Can Make Money From Your Skill: If you have a special skill — whether it’s the ability to play an instrument well, or paint, you may be able to make money by from your skill. Lots of restaurants, stores, fun spots may need an instrumentalist to make the atmosphere lively for customers. You can make money from being contracted.

3. Be a Tour Guide:
Who says you can’t make money from being a tour guide? As you are aware, a lot of people would be travelling or would have travelled for the holidays. If you know a lot about the city where you live, you may be able to profit from your knowledge by guiding tours — especially during this holiday travel season. For instance, you could be very useful in telling unique stories ir sharing experience about a destination – from its art to its history to its food — and earn money. You can also hook up with some travel sites to be a tour guide for the holidays. Also, if you live near an historic site, you could become a licensed guide.

4. Drive Other people: If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a quick ride, you may have turned to Uber, the anytime, anywhere ride service that has gained popularity over the last several years. But have you ever considered becoming an Uber driver? If you are at least 21 years old, own a clean ride, and you have sufficiently passed background and driving checks, you could earn cash by driving people around in your free time. And, as this is holiday party season, it shouldn’t be hard to find plenty of business chauffeuring those who have had a little too much eggnog. But don’t forget to factor in the costs associated with using your own car, such as fuel, maintenance, insurance and cleaning.

5. E-books retailing: With major growth and improvements in digital technology, e-books is gaining popularity and breaking grounds than printed copies. Not so many people want to stock pile books to read them, and even they want to, they prefer books they can read on the go with their mobile devices and other gadgets. At this time, you can either write these books yourself or be a reseller of bestselling copies. As well, you can share insights on a particular subject matter. Don’t be surprised to see people interested in what you write! There may be some challenges convincing people to subscribe and purchase, but if you are able to get stable customers, you will sure do well.

6. Resume-Writing Services: During holidays, many people are considering changing jobs. Everyone is looking to polish up their resume. There is a demand for experienced resume writers, another business you can run out of your home. Let people know that you can help them polish their resume for a token (that of course goes into your pocket)

7. Home Staging and Management: Hey, so many people want to put the house in order for the holiday celebrations! A home stager is very important. A home stager makes your house look good and appealing. And if perhaps you want to sell off your house, a home stager/manager knows what buyers want and how to make your home appeal to them. If you are an interior decorator, holiday time is a good time to make money.

8. Tutoring Services: Tutoring services is another job that you can take up during the holidays. A lot of kids are now home for the holidays, and parents may need someone to keep them busy. If your field is a popular field, and you know your onions, this is a very good time for you. Your tutoring services will be in high demand. Advertise your services on school, campus and community bulletin boards, or tutoring web sites. More so, you can launch coaching centres and online tutorials.


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