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Apple Inc. Buys Nigerian Born Chinedu Echeruo’s For $1 Billion | African Leadership Magazine |Nigerian News

Apple has acquired Chinedu Echeruo’s, The Wall Street Journal’s publication, AllThingsDigital reports. Founded in 2005, makes mobile applications for both iOS and Android that covers over 300 cities and that helps people get directions or find nearby subway stations and bus stops. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed as at the

How the Apple Watch could create a $1tn company | Technology | The Guardian

ContentsAs Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, prepares to reveal the few details not yet known about the Apple Watch – the price, the battery life, when it will hit the shops – some are already predicting a flop.It will weigh the company down, they argue, and the solid gold version aimed at the very rich will tarnish

Here’s what you can expect from the Apple Spring Forward event – news

MWC 2015 is now behind us, but that doesn’t mean all is calm in the tech world. Apple might have skipped the Barcelona venue, but the tech giant has an event prepared for next Monday – March 9. It is entitled “Spring Forward” and will begin at precisely 10 a.m. PDT. It will be live-streamed

Will the launch of the Apple Watch spark the next app goldrush? | Technology | The Guardian|Nigerian News

Even before having used an Apple Watch, Daniel Breslan is pretty sure how people will use his app, Departure Board, on one. “When you’re waiting in a station cafe, pub, lounge, you have you own personal departure board and you do not have to move to