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The Best Five Cities to Start a Business in Nigeria

You’re ready to start that small business you’ve been dreaming about for a long time now, you have everything you need to kick off, except for the location. You figure that you can just screen a few candidates, pick one, settle into it, get to work, and make truckloads of money. It’s not that

Top 5 Youth-Centric Churches in Nigeria

If you were ever looking for the youths on a Sunday morning, I can bet you they’ll be in one of these places. These top 5 churches have won the hearts of the Nigerian Youths. These churches speak the youth language,-motivational sermons, short services, great ambiance and a platform to be themselves.  The minute

Scrabble and Pidgin English

Scrabble is a decompression game invented in 1938 by American Architect Alfred Mosher, it’s a word game consisting of two to four players or two separate teams. However, the match-up score points are made by placing tiles bearing a single letter onto a board divided into a 15×15 grid of squares. The tiles must form words which,

The English Speaking Nigerians

English is our lingua franca in Nigeria. In short, currently, English is the official language in most African countries, which are the former colonies of Great Britain, of which Nigeria was a member. With our multiplicity of language and culture dynamics, English was adopted as our language of civilization and instruction. In schools, local languages

The Saga of Agabi and the Bomb Smelling Chips

I hate the idea of robots. Have you ever watched any of those futuristic movies where robots run the show or co-inhabit with humans? Aside from the fact that it’s creepy and makes you wish Jesus could come sooner before we actually get there, there’s one aspect of it I am not able to

Our Economy is Getting Better?

President Buhari, on Monday, after receiving a briefing at the Presidential Villa in Abuja from the Minister of Budget and National Planning, Senator Udoma Udo Udoma; the Minister for Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun and Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr Godwin Emefiele, declared that the Nigerian economy is getting better. I wonder

Football Fanaticism: Madness or Love?

A new football season is underway, no doubt our streets would be full of youths scampering about from one game center to another. This is a norm for us in Nigeria; every year we see our youths ceaselessly bickering about which football team is better, which is going to win, which players have been

Integrity is in Nigeria’s DNA

One beautiful thing about one’s character is that no matter how much you try to hide it, it has a way like a flame of showing its true self. A character can be a virtue or a vice. A child’s character is developed by nurture and by the structure. Nurture is the way a child

This Is How To Know Love

Some have been broken trying to find love, but a lot have been more broken trying to sustain love. I’ve always been a person who is interested in love – the love I read in books, the love people talk about, the love I see in people’s eyes, the love I see in people’s actions, and the love I

Who Celebrity Eep?

Ok, it is very stale news though, but there was a video of a Nigerian bride who went to her knees at the sight of Timi Dakolo going round on Social Media. Then fast-forward to the picture of Wizkid and Nicki Minaj trending on Twitter. Of course there were comments like, “who Wizkid, who Timi

Nigerian Youth in the Age of Social Media.

There is no denying the fact that the social media space has revolutionised our daily existence and experience. The introduction of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Imo just to mention a few have continued to engage our everyday life. No doubt, the average youth’s access to the internet has proliferated the way we engage with