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Sharp Guy No Be Thief?

Has anyone ever known that he could get away with cheating someone, and not taken advantage of it?  If so, he deserves his wealth, and everyone will praise him for his generosity. – Sirach 31:10b – 11 (GNT) In Nigeria, there is a general belief that everyone is out to manipulate you until proven otherwise.

Social Media: A New Way to Host a Vigil?

Social Media: A New Way to Host a Vigil? Published on 17th June 2017 The Hallelujah Challenge which produced one of the now trending hash tags, #olowogbogboro, has shown us a new way the social media platform can be beneficial to the church. Social media has

Self-made, An Illusion.

Growing up, I was a huge rap fan. I still am, but not like I used to be. I got to a point where personal glorification and self-aggrandisement of rappers almost left me gasping for air. As American rapper, Jadakiss, rhetorically asked in his 2004 hit-track Why, “why do rappers lie in 85% of their rhymes?” To be fair

Must a Woman Take Her Husband’s Surname?

Reading Hilary Clinton’s biography, A Woman in Charge by Carl Bernstein, I was astounded by the fuss Americans made over Hilary’s decision to keep using her maiden name, instead of taking on her husband’s surname. Her remaining Hilary Rodham not only caused her mother-in-law great distress, it actually affected her husband during his gubernatorial

Donald Trump’s Victory- Inspiration for the Underdog

Donald Trump has swept the Clinton machine aside, and can now look forward to making speeches at the White House and assenting (or vetoing) bills presented to him by lawmakers of the most powerful nation on earth. It’s the most surprising result of any political process undertaken this year, greater even than Brexit. And

Three Things That Define You

Over the centuries, it has been said that the way you look or how much money you have does not define the type of person you are. Some scholars have even gone further to explain the basis for the difference in the type of individuals we have here on earth. There are books that

So, Tell Me, Why Do You Read Books?

“Why do you read books?” I was there till 11pm. He couldn’t still answer. Whenever I pick up a book to read, I’m thinking three thoughts. That doesn’t include the excitement I feel whenever I purchase new books. Once upon a time in July, I had just checked out a collection of memoirs (My

Hoping in the Face of Delayed Response

Is there anyone anywhere who will send out a mail and not expect a reply from the recipient? Yet, that is the case we often find ourselves. We dream, we hope, we aspire and we love yet, no response from anywhere. There seems to be heavy traffic preventing the message from getting to the

Be the C.H.A.N.G.E. Series: E is for Empowerment

For the desired results of change to be achieved the Empowerment of the people is crucial. Empowerment of the people must be inclusive of skills, knowledge, opportunities, resources and a conducive environment that will support wealth creation and prosperity; guarantee peaceful co-existence and wellbeing of all citizens. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, we have not lived up

Be the C.H.A.N.G.E. Series: G Is For GENERATION

The context for Generation to be addressed to bring about an effective and sustainable change is the process of passing the baton from one generation to the next. In every nation that will be great, there is an active long term plan for future successive generations to build upon and then continue to lay the

President Buhari’s Visit to Lagos

Over the weekend, I noticed as I moved within the town, sets of flags attached to poles of streetlights and banners on sidewalks. Mr President himself would be visiting Lagos, and though people were anticipating the visit, they would have to care about how this would impact traffic on the days of the visit. President Muhammadu