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This Is How To Know Love

Some have been broken trying to find love, but a lot have been more broken trying to sustain love. I’ve always been a person who is interested in love – the love I read in books, the love people talk about, the love I see in people’s eyes, the love I see in people’s actions, and the love I

Who Celebrity Eep?

Ok, it is very stale news though, but there was a video of a Nigerian bride who went to her knees at the sight of Timi Dakolo going round on Social Media. Then fast-forward to the picture of Wizkid and Nicki Minaj trending on Twitter. Of course there were comments like, “who Wizkid, who Timi

Nigerian Youth in the Age of Social Media.

There is no denying the fact that the social media space has revolutionised our daily existence and experience. The introduction of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Imo just to mention a few have continued to engage our everyday life. No doubt, the average youth’s access to the internet has proliferated the way we engage with

One Kobo Thought on #NotTooYoungToRun

It’s no longer news that the #NotYoungToRun bill and Independent Candidacy bill has been approved by the Senate of the Eighth National Assembly. What does this mean to the average youth on the street? Does this mean that miraculous fairies’ dust has been sprinkled for easy access? Everyone in the euphoria of the incident has

Away From Ethnicity –The Case of Biafra 3

My Dad used to laugh at ethnic sentiments.  For him, none of us did anything to belong to our ethnic extractions. We just arrived and through no fault or effort of our own, we BECAME IBOS’, YORUBA’S, HAUSA’S, IDOMA’S and whatever else!

Rethinking Contentment

J.C Ryle once said, “Two things are said to be very rare sights in the world—one is a young man humble, and the other is an old man content”. Being filled with anxiety over one’s possession is the bane of contentment. A lot is told, about those who stress their hand to pluck a fruit

The Oduduwa and Arewa Republic (s) – The Case of Biafra 2

The case for Oduduwa and Arewa Republic (s) is no better than Biafra’s case. The one advantage both have over Biafra is their possession of natural borders. However, nations are not built by border possession alone. It takes more – like who among the Ijebus, Egbas, Ekiti, Oyo, Ilorin… will lead?  Where will the capital

World Peace: Achievable Today

For many of us, discussions on world peace is null and void as it does not seem to sync with our daily lives. As we go about our routines, we must “learn to live with each other as brothers or we all perish as fools”. It is not the absence of war that creates peace,

Evans Disappears?

Waking up to the news of Evans’s Disappearance on Saturday, 8th July, 2017, had many spectators who had been observing his scripted activities in dismay. Chukwuduneme Onwuamadike, a suspected kidnapper kingpin, popularly referred to as Evans was reported by a popular newspaper to have “vanished”. One wonders what magic tricks he must have used to

Why Some Actions on Social Media Can Land One in Jail

The Internet now plays a very important role in our lives. Many transactions are now done via the the internet. In fact, today, some transactions are only possible online. This trend wasn’t so a few years back. Now the outburst of using social media platforms, to intimidate, bully, harass, threaten, stalk, and defraud people have

Sharp Guy No Be Thief?

Has anyone ever known that he could get away with cheating someone, and not taken advantage of it?  If so, he deserves his wealth, and everyone will praise him for his generosity. – Sirach 31:10b – 11 (GNT) In Nigeria, there is a general belief that everyone is out to manipulate you until proven otherwise.