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BN Cuisine: Cooking Caribbean Jerk Chicken with Jamie Oliver & Levi Roots

In this video, popular British chef Jamie Oliver has teamed up with ‘king of Caribbean food’ Levi Roots, to give us a recipe for delicious Caribbean Jerk Chicken. Pieces of chicken marinated in spicy chilli flakes and the famously hot Scotch Bonnet chilli also known as atarodo – this dish is not for the faint hearted! Get

BN Cuisine: 4 Healthy ‘tomato-less’ Recipes for your Children’s Day menu

Happy Children’s Day! Celebration in Nigeria is synonymous with surplus rice and chicken, most times it’s jollof rice which is also known as ‘party rice’. With tomatoes being scarce and the constant need to stay healthy, here are 4 healthy ‘tomato-less’ recipes you can make for your children today and afterwards to maintain a healthy lifestyle.