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5 Most Artistic Cities in the World

There’s no doubt that some cities across the world are an artist’s paradise. Filled with the world’s greatest works and home to some of the best performers of our time, these cities are more than likely on your bucket list if you are an artist or an art connoisseur. Let’s take a look at some

What Your Pastor May Not Tell You About Miracles

Sunday last week, I attended a church service in one of the pentecostal churches in Lagos, Nigeria. A friend, who claimed to be born-again and spirit-filled, was the one that invited me to the church. He is a member of the church. My friend insists I must be born-again by fire, by force. But, is

FOI Act, Presidency and Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria

In the last 2 ½ years, Nigerian president, Muhammed Buhari has been preaching the gospel of fighting corruption headlong. ‘I am for everybody and I am for nobody’ were the words of Buhari when he took over the leadership of our beloved country from Dr Goodluck Jonathan. In my limited understanding of these words, the

Political Cowardice: Why Would Anyone Hesitate To Oppose Hatred?

Anyone who objectively observes politics, politicians, and elected officials, soon realizes and recognizes, the one thing, most have in common, is their degree of personal cowardice! The late Senator Charles Goodell, put it this way, Politicians are like antelopes. When things get tough, they paint their behinds white, and run with the crowd. Today, we

How to Move From Obscurity to Limelight

One of the most remarkable stories in the Holy Bible can be found in the book of Esther Chapter 2:1-16, where we witnessed the transformation of an orphan into a queen. It all began with the ouster of queen Vashti from the palace in Shushan by King Ahasuerus. This story carries so much positive lessons

What Is National Stock Number (NSN) And How To Read It

What is the National Stock Number (NSN)? The National Stock Number (NSN) is defined as an official label applied to an item of supply which is being repeatedly bought, stocked, stored, issued, and used throughout the federal supply system. This label can be applied to almost every item imaginable. When an item from different manufacturers

Catapults – Facts You May Not Know

Catapults were used back in the medieval times for launching a siege on a castle and trying to take it over. They were used to take down walls so people could get in and try to push the defenders back into their castle and hopefully take over the castle. But the catapult is just a

What You Need to Know About Black Dog Tags

Military dog tags mostly come in a pair but if you want to uniquely carry a single one, then black is the best option. It gives you the comfort of wearing only one, yet still gives you the style that you want. Military tags traditionally come in pairs, but if you want to uniquely wear