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Need A Loan? 7 Reasons You Should Consider Salary Advance

Salary Advance is a salary-based temporary overdraft facility, which enables staff of private companies and government agencies to access a certain percentage of their net monthly salary in advance. This loan product is aimed at bridging the funding gap for employees of corporate entities such as commercial banks, Oil and Gas companies, Telecommunication Companies etc.

Pension Scheme: 12 Things Every Nigerian Worker Should Know

Nigerians are eager to know the nitty-gritty of a pension scheme and how pension fund can be withdrawn at retirement without queuing up at government ministries and offices in the scourging sun. A Pension contributory scheme is designed to ensure employees derive the benefit of adequately being paid their pension as it is due upon

5 Legal Ways To Make Money On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is nice for couples, but it can be tough for single people who have to watch all of the snuggling going on around them. Instead of being bitter because you are single on Valentine’s Day, you should take advantage of the situation and make some extra money. There are plenty of great and

Stanbic IBTC Bank: How To Get A 15 Million Naira Car Loan

Financial institutions in Nigeria now offer car loans to both individuals and business owners. Essentially, these loans are a credit facility for full or half payment purchase of brand new vehicles for personal use by staff of private and public sector organizations, whose salaries and allowances are domiciled with them. Some banks call it an

9 Popular Online Ponzi Schemes In Nigeria

Well, more than ever before, online ponzi schemes are now popular in Nigeria. Some have blamed this on the biting economic situation in the country – that has forced many Nigerians to look for alternative means to make ends meet, and put food on their table. The Nigeria’s cyberspace was awashed with lots of these

How To Manage Your Finances In 2017

It’s 2017! Amid the troubled economy, we have managed to get here. The complex nature of our nation’s turbulent economy has impacted all Nigerians and leaves many feeling confused and anxious. The good news is that no matter how uncertain things may be, the basic fundamentals of personal financial management still apply, so do stay

7 Ways Mentors Are Important In Business

The value of business mentors cannot be understated, even though some people don’t agree. Some times, it isn’t the best of game to play for someone venturing into a business/venture without having someone as a guide. A mentor offers valuable insight to things that only experience can teach. It gives you peace of mind knowing

7 Ways To Celebrate Christmas On a Low Budget

Christmas is upon us again! A season of love and bliss. A time when cards of goodwill are exchanged, when the streets are lit with bright, colourful lights and the atmosphere filled with celebrations. It is a beautiful time of the year. As much as this season comes with lots of beauty and fun, there

Black Friday: 5 Tricks To Beat Today's Sales

Black Friday! Today, November 25th has been marked out by most online stores in Nigeria for the mind-blowing annual shopping event. Originally known as an American holiday, the shopping tradition seeped into Nigeria a few years ago and has since become one of busiest shopping day of country’s holiday season. Unfortunately, it is not yet