7 Ways To Celebrate Christmas On a Low Budget

7 Ways To Celebrate Christmas On a Low Budget

Christmas is upon us again! A season of love and bliss. A time when cards of goodwill are exchanged, when the streets are lit with bright, colourful lights and the atmosphere filled with celebrations. It is a beautiful time of the year. As much as this season comes with lots of beauty and fun, there is also an appreciable rise in the price of goods and services. We also have to deal with meeting expectations from friends and family.


For many Nigerians, the year has not been the best of years economically. Reason why it is critical to pay close attention to your purse/wallet as the excitement of the holiday kicks in. There’s no need to spend a fortune on the festivities and eventually struggle through the new year. Here are some reasonable ways you can celebrate the yuletide:

1. Create a budget based on your savings: Before holiday shopping comes knocking, it is reasonable to note how much you’re able to spend and and prepared to spend. Whatever you note down must be guided by your savings. And please know that January is usually considered a financially difficult month – reason due to the fact that many people may have spent more than their pockets during yuletide. So, make sure you know your fiscal limits to avoid grave financial burden during and after yuletide.

2. Avoid Frivolities: Don’t indulge in frivolities at this season. As expected, this season will come with spending spree, in which lots of items are not needed. You have to fight the indulgence in spending on frivolities. Save your money and not include the unnecessary in your Christmas celebrations.

3. Dust & Reuse Decorations: Another way to save up during Christmas is to dust out your box of decorations and reuse them. In another exciting way, you can call your relatives and friends to make beautiful and cost-effective decorations. Kids can also be crafty in doing this, that you don’t necessarily have to spend excessively on decors.

4. Be on the look-out for last minute deals: Deals are synonymous with the holidays as retailers look to clear out old stock in preparation for the New Year. Contrary to common knowledge that it is better to start your Christmas shopping early, you can make good on your quest to save big during the festive season by waiting till the last minute. Take advantage of year-end sales and save up some rainy day funds by acquiring your Christmas essentials at discounted rates.

5. Visit & Celebrate with Others: Another way to celebrate a budget christmas is to visit and celebrate with others. Besides making it a season of fun and experience for yourself in visiting others, it is also a way to cut down on your expenses.

6. Decide on the Value of Gifts to Give Out: Christmas is also a season to exchange gifts and goodwill. You don’t have be a pest on others, you should do well to give as it is in your capacity to do so. But before you give, decide on the value of gifts you will give out. Make sure you do your homework in terms of market survey. Make sure you don’t buy gift items that will in turn ruin your pocket. Check out well for the best and affordable gift items – and you will be happy you did so.

7. Make the budget work: After all have been said, you must know that life continues after Christmas. So you have to make the budget work for you. Not everyone can live comfortable with debts, and so as to avoid this, consciously devote time from now to track your spending and see your budget through. It is possible to enjoy Christmas without racking up any debt, especially if you make the choice to live within your means. Having considered the outcome you expect, do all you can to make your budget work for you.


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