6 businesses you can do with almost no cash - all Nigeria news

6 businesses you can do with almost no cash – all Nigeria news

Thousands of people dread working for people as they only want to be on their own. As beautiful as the prospects of being an entrepreneur is, many people face lots of problems on the way and allow these inhibiting factors to limit them.

Recession: 6 types of businesses you can start with almost no cash

Starting a business with little or no cash is possible.

If you are a business oriented, you will know that the road to success is filled with obstacles. These obstacles may hinder you from achieving your goals if you do not focus on the success you wish to have at the long run.

In this case, the motivation you have is probably not strong enough for you to have been able to deviate from the main course. If the business idea you have is solid, then you will be willing to jump the hurdles.

For people who have strong willpower to pull through, the cost of the investment often make them back off. Where money is involved, people with great business ideas go solo. The good news is that there are loans, grants and other money raising options that could be explored by people who are interested in setting up.

Starting a business requires serious planning which can be done with or without the intervention of business developers. After this, a business license is required so that your business does not get shut down by some corporation when you are done setting up. Registering the business is a good move if you want to stay on it for long.

While this is going on, you should think of a business name that will sell your brand the best. As funky as you may be, the domain name you come up with has to be one that is professional.

You should also make plans to take the business to the social media since almost everyone is there. The problem of marketing would be solved with this decision. That being considered, then you can go on to the creation of your business.

Find below some of the businesses you can start with little or no cash:

1. Personal creations

This is where works of talents come into play. If you are a skilled craft man, you can make artworks that can be sold out at cheap prices.

This will draw the attention of art lovers to you while you create your customer data base.

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2. Render services

There are many services that can be provided at certain prices. Babysitting is one of these services as you do not need to have a corporate office before you do this and make some extra money for yourself.

Venturing into a business like this do not require any capital base as you do not have to save towards it.

3. Sales of used products

Depending on the kind of scale you want to do a business like this on, the capital to start up is not always huge. Fairly used products can be bought and sold back to people.

If you have the start up capital, you can also buy goods from manufacturers and sell at wholesale prices. A business like this puts you in control of lots of money.

4. Start a miniature business

If you want to start a business with little or no cash, then you should consider starting your own business.

You can rent out your car to Uber or rent out a section of your house till you pull enough funds together to launch something bigger in the business world. Shared economic opportunities can also fetch you more money.

5. Consulting

Another business you can start with little or no cash is consulting. Use your knowledge of a particular trade to provide guidelines to those who really need it.

Consulting is a time consuming business as growing sectors or companies will be willing to pay for your expertise. The knowledge you have acquired while working on a particular job is not a waste.

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6. Skilled labour

Youths are often encouraged to learn one skill or the other. While waiting for a white-collar job to click, you can render services to people if it has to do with skills you have learnt in the past.

Fixing and repairing of pipes, cars and other things in the house can fetch you money. You can also identify a need in the society and see how the skills learnt can provide solution.

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